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Veteran unemployment is down, thanks to the many companies that make an effort when it comes to hiring veterans. After achieving a low result of only 3.7% unemployment in January 2019, it’s clear that recruiters have begun to realize today’s veterans bring unique abilities and experience to the civilian workforce.  Their hard-to-teach skills include loyalty, dedication, self-motivation, sustained ability to perform under pressure and a strong teamwork ethic. Baltimore is one center in the nation where jobs for veterans are being filled by dedicated, competent people.

About Baltimore

Baltimore is a colorful, diverse city in Maryland, the largest in the state in terms of population as well as the economic hub. Renowned for its beautiful harbor, eclectic neighborhoods, fascinating museums and the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, it’s home to the Baltimore Orioles, the National Aquarium and the Guns of Fort McHenry. The city was first settled by the British and named after the proprietary governor of Maryland, and was at one time the second largest entry point for immigrants.

Baltimore’s Economy

The economy of Baltimore has been steady for the past year, as stated in a new report from the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore that was published in March 2019. This report showed retail spending totaled more than $1 billion during 2018, and although office vacancies rose slightly, the city experienced business as usual during the year. The top five industries in Baltimore are:

  • Aerospace and defense, which generates more than $35 billion in economic activity each year;
  • The fishing industry, due to its geographical location and the sizeable aquafarm industry;
  • Life sciences industry, with 2,120 organizations in the state that generate $17 billion in annual economic activity;
  • Manufacturing, which includes automobiles, printing and publishing, food, machinery and chemical industries.
  • Cybersecurity, for which Maryland is considered the national home state. With 50 federal facilities and 12 military installations, the city has one of the highest concentrations of technology-related positions in the country.

Several of these top five industries are major providers of jobs for veterans in Baltimore, so it’s no surprise this is considered an excellent place for former active service members to make their home.

Jobs in CyberSecurity

Jobs for veterans in cybersecurity are to be found in Baltimore MD, mainly as a result of the increasing demand across the country for this type of work. Companies are subjected to frequent cyberattacks and data breaches, that can cause significant loss of revenue.

Some of the positions available in this field include network monitoring, data encryption, vulnerability testing, security evaluations, workflow enhancements, software development and application management.

Analysts also lead internal security training events and research into technology security trends and the development of standards.

Earning Potential

According to Glassdoor, the earning potential for a security operations center analyst ranges from $75,000 to $125,000 per year, depending on experience and position seniority. Jobs at all levels often require security clearances, even for companies that aren’t government-affiliated. The reason for this is to ensure the people taking charge of their internal cybersecurity have unblemished records.

Companies in Baltimore that are hiring veterans in cybersecurity or other fields of operation are invited to make use of our online job board to advertise positions.

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