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Cocoa Beach is a city located in Brevard County, Florida, which had close to 12,000 residents as of the 2010 census. As part of the Palm Beach region, tourism is one of Cocoa Beach’s biggest industries. Commonly referred to as the Space Coast, the city is close to Cape Canaveral and was at one time home to many of the NASA employees involved in the 1960s space race. This ended when families moved away as a result of NASA layoffs, but because of its proximity to the ocean at numerous points, Cocoa Beach remains a popular area for sun seekers and water sports participants.

About Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach really grew during the 1960s, with a significant increase in residents resulting from the space program. The area was originally settled by freed slaves after the Civil War, and the town of Cocoa Beach was only established in 1925. By 1939, there were 49 residents, and erected its first stoplight in 1950. After that came schools, stores and businesses, and the city was used as the setting for a 1960s sitcom. Cocoa Beach is 15 square miles in size, and is bordered by Cape Canaveral, Crescent Beach, the Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River.

Top Industries in Cocoa Beach

Tourism is by far the primary employer in Cocoa Beach, which makes hospitality-related businesses perfectly positioned for hiring veterans. With approximately 2.5 million people visiting the area each year for events such as the annual Easter Surfing Festival, which drew 50,000 visitors in 2009. Statistics from Data USA show the highest paying industries in the area are manufacturing, professional scientific and technical services, and public administration. The local economy supports almost 5,000 people, with the largest numbers employed in health care and social assistance. Accommodation and food services is next, followed by retail trade.

Jobs for Veterans in Cocoa Beach

Companies hiring veterans in Cocoa Beach include leading real estate firms such as Re/Max Solutions and Century 21 Realty. An active real estate market and favorable prices for single family homes, buyers have difficulty finding the home they want. Well-priced homes are snapped up quickly, making it an ideal occupation for former military personnel. The region’s strong investor presence has resulted in cash buyers accounting for 40% of all local home sales.

The region is also experiencing a revival of the aerospace and defense industry, with companies such as Lockheed Martin and German aerospace firm RUAG setting up in the area. This opens the door for veterans with various engineering qualifications, as well as those with project management, inventory and administrative capabilities to find work. 

Hiring Veterans in Cocoa Beach

Today's veterans bring unique abilities and experience to the civilian workforce, including hard-to-teach skills like loyalty, dedication, self-motivation, sustained performance under pressure, respect for procedures and the ability to work as a team. Isn't that the kind of person you're looking for as your next hire?

Companies looking to hire veterans in Cocoa Beach FL need to focus on making their organizations inclusive workspaces, and to promote their vacancies across the media channels veterans typically access. One place you can depend on to reach the veterans candidates your company needs is our job board, which reaches thousands of qualified individuals every day.

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