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To make it in the military, it’s essential for officers to follow orders quickly and effectively. While employers in Washington DC value people who can bring new ideas and challenge the status quo (also traits military veterans bring to the table), it’s also important for them to hire individuals who can finish tasks and complete projects according to the directions they are given. When you hire a veteran, you can expect for the job to be done right the first time.

About Washington DC

The city of Washington DC is the capital of our great nation and the seat of government. Located on the Potomac River adjacent to Maryland and Virginia state borders, the city is also home to impressive museums and performing arts centers.

Established in 1790, around 50% of the land belongs to the U.S. government. The city has a unique character and multiple distinct personalities, including those of a federal city, a cosmopolitan center, and an exciting, scenic tourist destination. It has an interesting history and is amazingly international, as home to around 180 embassies.

Washington DC Economy

The economy in Washington DC’s metropolitan area is the strongest economy in the country, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. It’s also the 2nd most active office market for foreign capital after New York City. As home to over 400 highly respected, global economic and policy organizations, the city also houses various engineering and defense giants like General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and the Computer Sciences Corporation. The metropolitan area also has the 2nd highest median household income among major cities. Several hundred thousand people in the D.C. metropolitan area work for the federal government.

Working in Washington DC

With the high number of governmental organizations and institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Washington DC is something of a formal environment to live and work in. The rich employment landscape is balanced by a high cost of living, particularly in areas close to downtown.

Tourism is the second-largest industry in the city, with around 20 million visitors each year. This means jobs are available at every level of the working world, from janitorial staff in hospitality venues to directors and medical personnel.

Education, finance and scientific research are also active, growing industries, and with several universities and hospitals headquartered in the city, it offers an active employment market. 

Jobs for Veterans in Washington DC

Veterans can find work in Washington DC in a number of occupations. These range from laborers through library technicians, education specialists and animal keepers, according to Simply Hired. Whether you’re qualified in an area like teaching, healthcare, or manufacturing, you’ll find plenty of jobs to choose from. Companies that want loyal, dedicated employees with strong teamwork skills and the ability to react quickly can employ former service members transitioning to a civilian role. Careers in technology, security or service roles are all ideal occupations for service members back from the battlefield.

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