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The war for talent has never been tougher than it is today. The good news, however, is that in Miami, FL, we have a remarkable group of talented military veterans to choose from. This is a pool of special employees who already possess many of the qualities companies seek today.

Here are just some of the dozens of unique skills veterans bring to the civilian workforce. At We Hire Heroes, we believe in standing with those who have stood strong for us.

About Miami FL

The city of Miami in Florida is the cultural and economic center of South Florida. Extending from the Everglades in the west to Biscayne Bay in the east, it covers 56 square miles and is home to almost half a million residents. The wider Miami metropolitan area has 12 times that number of people, and is considered the third wealthiest city in the nation. The downtown area has a number of international banks, as well as several large corporate headquarters.

Miami Economy

Miami is ranked as an Alpha level world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network, based on the number of global corporate organizations based in the region. National and international companies located in the area include several global cruise lines and the headquarters of Latin American operations for major multinationals.

These include Disney, FedEx, Kraft, and Walmart, among others. It’s also a notable music recording location, with the headquarters of Sony Music Latin based there alongside a number of other record labels. The economy is more settled than it was before the last recession, but is shows encouraging signs of growth in recent years.

Working in Miami

The main industry in Miami is tourism, and it’s no longer a seasonal employer. Tourists come to the city right through the year, spending their money on accommodation, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. As the cruise capital of the world, Miami is also the starting point for many cruises, which means passengers arrive and leave to go home from the city. Currently, Miami has an unemployment rate of 4.0%, which is slightly higher than the national average. The job market has improved by 0.8% during 2019, however, and the predicted job growth for the next decade is a lot higher than average.

Jobs for Veterans in Miami

The Miami job market is driven mostly by financial services, commerce and tourism. Veterans looking for work in the city would do well to learn Spanish. Because of the size of Miami’s Latino population, most services have to be available in both English and Spanish. The city is also a busy port of entry into the U.S., which receives cargo shipments from all over the world.

The best jobs in Miami are in management, along with office and service industry jobs. The health, education and social services industries employ a large number of migrants, to enable them to communicate easily with clients and patients. 

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