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Employers in Pittsburgh PA know that things don’t always go according to plan. That’s why effective problem-solvers are some of the most desirable job candidates out there. Most veterans have plenty of problem-solving experience under their belt from their time in the military. The ability to think quickly on their feet, identify possible solutions, and then address complex issues will be a huge benefit to companies who hire veterans. If you’re looking to hire a veteran who can be a difference-maker and propel your business forward, then you’re in the right place.  

About Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh is a city in western Pennsylvania, which is located at the junction of three major rivers. It has an interesting history as an early-20th-century industrial capital. It’s the most populous city in the Appalachia region, is called the “City of Bridges” for good reason. With 446, it has more bridges than any other city in the world—three more than previous record-holder Venice, Italy. Pittsburgh is also often called the “Steel City” because during the late 19th century, the combination of the Bessemer steel production process and lots of cheap coal turned the city’s iron industry into a highly profitable steel industry. In the North Shore neighborhood are the modern Andy Warhol Museum, Heinz Field football stadium and PNC Park baseball stadium.

Pittsburgh Economy

Median household income in Pittsburgh PA is just under $60,000 per year, and the city was named #15 on the list of best cities for jobs in January 2019. The economy is vibrant, but as the labor force continues to shrink through retirements and the loss of college graduates to bigger cities, Pittsburgh expects to be short of 80,000 workers by 2025. Currently, unemployment is at the lowest rate in 11 years. Companies needing to find workers are increasingly looking at hiring veterans in an effort to fill their placements.

Working in Pittsburgh PA

The economy of Pittsburgh PA is no longer based on the American steel industry, although there are still some working steel mills in the region. Instead, this residential haven focuses on services, healthcare, banking and technology, among other industries. The top 5 employers in the area, according to BizJournals, are:

  1. UPMC, with 53,000 employees locally
  2. Highmark Health, with 21,000
  3. The federal U.S. government, with 18,500
  4. State government with 16,500, and
  5. PNC Financial Services Group with 13,000 employees.

 The highest-paid jobs in Pittsburgh after medical practitioners are senior managers, in executive, marketing and financial fields. And with the focus on education that the region is famous for, teachers of post-secondary subjects like economics also earn six-figure salaries.

Jobs for Veterans in Pittsburgh PA

A recent rush of available pharmacy jobs in Pittsburgh highlights the issue of the labor shortage. That’s not the only industry in which jobs are plentiful for veterans with the right qualifications, though. Higher education in the city is a bustling environment with multiple opportunities at all levels. Carnegie Mellon, the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne are just three of the best-known institutions, offering positions ranging from teaching assistants through janitorial staff and catering personnel. Administrative jobs, IT-related work and even campus security are all options that veterans from all backgrounds can qualify for. Combine the ready availability of work with the affordable lifestyle, and Pittsburgh could be very attractive to former military families who want to settle down. 

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