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Windsor Marketing Group Launches Hiring Initiative To "Salute" Nation's Military Veterans

Windsor Marketing Group Launches Hiring Initiative To "Salute" Nation's Military Veterans

SUFFIELD, Conn., Nov. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Windsor Marketing Group (WMG), a leading producer of in-store marketing solutions for many of the world's premier retailers, today launched a hiring initiative called "Salute" with a goal of hiring at least a dozen military veterans over the next 12 months. Almost nine percent of WMG's current workforce is made up of military veterans and CEO Kevin Armata said there are many reasons for launching this program.

"Veterans sacrifice some of the best years of their lives in service to our country and protecting our freedoms, yet it is no secret that many have had trouble finding employment as they make the transition back to the civilian workforce," Armata said. "This is a way for us to do our part in helping make that transition easier. In addition, because of their training, military veterans have a unique sense of discipline, organization, teamwork and personal initiative that make them incredibly valuable employees."

Armata said that the hiring initiative will not focus on any specific positions or expertise, but will be "across the board" in terms of the job skills being sought.

The "Salute" program is just the latest initiative for the Connecticut-based business with a long record of demonstrated social responsibility. WMG has been recognized for a variety of environmental and conservation friendly policies and programs, including the recent expansion of its 250,000 square foot deep-green corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility.

During the recession of 2008, WMG was able to avoid layoffs of up to 20 percent of its workforce by re-purposing employees into construction and other projects, an effort detailed in the best-selling business book "Conscious Capitalism" by John Mackey.

"We pride ourselves in doing things right in business," Armata said. "And that includes showing our support of those who have served on the front lines to make sure that we are all able to continue pursuing the American Dream. Now it is their turn to pursue that dream."

As part of the program's launch, WMG is honoring its veteran employees this Veterans Day with a special luncheon, hosted by Armata and other executives.

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