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15 Social Media Tips to Promote Your Career

15 Social Media Tips to Promote Your Career

In 2023, the social media environment is as strong as ever. We’re currently experiencing a digital media boom, where people are shifting their lives toward the online environment. Social media is one of the reasons. After all, it’s obvious, as it can be used in different ways:

  1. Instant Communication
  2. Social Activities
  3. Selling/Buying/Renting Stuff
  4. As a Source of Information
  5. Brand Awareness
  6. Career Promotion

Building a career nowadays isn’t an easy challenge. You’re basically competing with thousands of people who want the same success as you do. If you have higher standards, it’ll be even harder. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible; you just need to know the how-to part of the process and take consistent action!

Social media is one of the best ways to leverage your career nowadays. The majority of high-class professionals have developed a fruitful social media presence. Why? Because it has a lot of benefits.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 15 tips that should teach you how to take advantage of these amazing social platforms in order to land the perfect career job.

Make a Long-Term Plan

In life, it’s important to look at your future. You can’t act without a purpose and goal in mind. Therefore, start creating a long-term plan. Where do you want to be in five years from now? How much do you want to earn? Start asking yourself questions and note the answers on a paper. Then, start looking for jobs that can allow you to accomplish your goals.

Create a Relevant Profile Page

Your social media presence is quite essential to your long-term success. When you’re looking to develop your career and promote yourself, your profile pages must look impeccable. No matter what social media network you use, make sure that you’re not displaying your personal life issues, fun, and habits. Focus on the professional part.

Do Paid Advertising

If you want to receive more exposure, each of the popular social networks may assist you with this process. You can take advantage of paid advertising options such as Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and so much more. It’ll cost you a bit, but compared to the benefits that you’re getting, it is quite worth it. 

Always Engage and Be a Resource for Others 

You must be the type of person that people perceive as a helpful resource for their problems and needs. You can become such an “expert” the moment you start engaging with more individuals and contribute to certain discussions. Provide your insightful and valuable tips and problem-solving solutions and you’ll become a valuable asset.

Find and Approach Experts in your Field 

Experts use social media in order to find other experts or create business and personal opportunities. That doesn’t mean that you can’t approach them and ask to look for opportunities. You may be looking to improve a skill, get a job, or find a mentor. Either way, social media is a great way to connect with professional people. I’d use LinkedIn for this type of activity.

Curate Content for Your Target Audience 

To curate content means selecting relevant information from a sea of irrelevant information. You’re the expert who chooses what to recommend further to your followers. By displaying curated content on your profile, you’ll be perceived by employers as a dedicated and skilled professional.

Look for Job Postings on Social Media

Job postings aren’t so hard to find. You should take advantage of those social networks that allow the use of #hashtags and look for words such as “#job postings” #job recruitment” “#X Field”, and so on. Basically, anything that’s relevant to what you’re looking for.

Research Companies and Apply for an Interview

Social media provides you the opportunity to search and research companies that could be a potential fit. If someone shows interest in your services and asks you to come along, don’t forget to do your homework and analyze their online presence. You should also look around for testimonials and recommendations from clients and ex-employees. 

Stalk Your Future Co-Workers

If you’re almost certain that you’re going to enroll in a specific job place, start analyzing the workplace environment. More than often, people will be updating their “professional status” on almost any social network. You should be looking for the employees that are currently working for that company. Stalk them and see what kind of person they are.

Write Your Own Content About the Topic

When you’re passionate and skilled in a certain field of activity, your unique traits and knowledge can often prove to be helpful for other individuals. You can start your own blog, and share your articles on social media. People really enjoy reading personal content, which has been created by someone whom they follow.

Promote Your Personal Online Resume Platform 

You should create a personal blog and use it as an online resume. Showcase your skills and traits, your professional experience, and your motivation. Having a personal platform is important, as employers will see you as a professional entity and will be eager to talk to you.

Update Your Career Changes 

Sometimes we’re forced to change careers, sometimes we just want to make that change. Either way, social media profiles are great places to update your professional status and let your contacts know that you’re available to work. Having an updated presence is quite critical if you’re expecting big success.

Showcase Your Skills and Services

If you have certain skills that can be exposed through the use of social media, do not hesitate to do it. Let everyone know what you’re capable of. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you just talk about your skills. It means proving it through actions or content. Think of it as another online resume that helps you find your chosen career path.

Become Open-Minded and Find New Angles

With the use of social media, one can become extremely open-minded. That’s because the information that you’re receiving through this channel is often productive. If you’re choosing to follow the right people, you’ll only receive quality curated content. It’s the best way to surround yourself with the most productive environment.

Take Consistent Action & Never Give Up 

Last and most importantly, you must commit to acting consistently and never give up. Even if everything becomes painful and unfulfilling, remember why you first started. Think about your purpose and never let your temporary lack of motivation stay between you and your promising career.

You will not accomplish much if your mind and actions aren’t entirely connected and purposed towards the same goal. Consistent hard work means personal power, a trait that will always be valued.


Social media can prove to be a goldmine if leveraged properly. I hope that you have paid attention to the above tips, and don’t forget; action is essential to anyone’s success. Choose some of these strategies and begin taking action immediately; you’ll quickly gain the necessary momentum that should allow you to accomplish your long-term plans.

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Author: Jessica Freeman is a passionate content writer who writes for AustralianWritings. Jessica focuses her attention on freelance, education, and career topics.