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3 Reasons Military Veterans Should Pursue a Criminal Justice Degree

3 Reasons Military Veterans Should Pursue a Criminal Justice Degree

Military service is a noble pursuit. However, many veterans discover that the transition to civilian life is more difficult than they might anticipate. If you are looking for a career after time in the military, criminal justice is a good place to start. Just consider the three following reasons why a degree in criminal justice is a good idea for veterans.

Similar Skill Sets

There are few other civilian professions that rely on the skills most veterans possess. Not only is it important to have firearm training and combat readiness as a police officer, but the structure and discipline required to be successful in the military are also very useful. All in all, military personnel are trained to keep people safe. The training for a criminal justice career has the same basic foundation. Many veterans discover that their military training puts them at the top of their class while pursuing their criminal justice career.

Matching World Views

It is not just a matter of skills. Law enforcement also shares the same ideals as the military. Many veterans chose military service as a way to serve and protect, and that is the exact world view that must be taken by dedicated police officers. Other careers outside the military can leave veterans feeling unfulfilled, but criminal justice continues to provide a meaningful outlet for service. Moreover, police officers have a great deal of respect for order, discipline and the chain of command. Some civilians struggle with this kind of structure, but for the trained veteran, such things are second nature.

Ample Job Opportunities

It is common knowledge that veterans are at risk for unemployment after they serve. In fact, veterans make up a stunning proportion of the homeless population. While there are many factors that influence these realities, veterans can improve their chances of employment with a degree such as a master’s in criminal justice, which can be taken online. The job outlook for criminal justice is overwhelmingly positive with more jobs being added every year. This not only increases the likelihood of getting a job after graduation, but it also gives veterans more flexibility to pick a job in a location they prefer. More than that, a career in criminal justice has good opportunities for advancement, making it an excellent choice for the long haul.

Overall, it is clear that criminal justice is an excellent choice for military veterans. By possessing the right skills and world view, veterans are poised for success in a career with good prospects.

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