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What Makes Veterans Different from Other Job Candidates?

What Makes Veterans Different from Other Job Candidates?

If you are a veteran looking for a job opening, you have probably asked yourself one question: what makes me special when compared with other candidates with different backgrounds? You also might be thinking that other people may have more experience than you because your primary occupation for the past years was military-related.

Well, you should not worry much because you have many advantages over others just because of your occupation. Read below to find out about them.

Any self-respecting individual who works in the field of HR will tell you that in order to be selected for the job, you need to include your special traits in the resume. The ones that are relevant to the job and the ones that the employer is looking for in the candidates.

Veterans are people who have a lot of such traits because they acquired specialized skills in the military and developed attributes that make them more desirable in many jobs.

You are different and special in many ways, including the ones below, so make sure you include them in your resume today:

You Know Teamwork

The business world values people who know how to work as a team, so many companies are looking for these candidates. Teamwork is important because it ensures efficiency, proper delegation, more ideas, and support – all of which are incredibly useful for achieving business goals. Not so many employees out there know how to work as a team.

You know who does? That’s right, you! This is something you have been learning and practicing for years in the military. You relied on other team members to complete complex tasks, delegated, and collaborated to achieve success.

That’s why you should put teamwork on your resume as one of your best skills. You won’t believe how many employers are looking for those who can really make it work in business.

You Know How to be Cool in Stressful Situations

As a veteran, you have been subjected to numerous stressful situations and had limited resources to solve them. As the result, you have developed almost a natural ability to perform your job even if the pressure on you is unbelievable. I personally heard about a veteran who was employed at an admission-service as a customer support member and handled calls and messages way better than other employees. Most of the people do not even imagine the stress and pressure you faced, so adding this to your resume is a must!

If an employer sees this ability in your resume, he or she will most likely to think that your ability to handle pressure is superior compared to many others. This means that you should be hired because you are less likely to crack when faced with a lot of work and short deadlines.

You Know How to be Truly Professional

Many people do not share the same kind of discipline with you, so their attitude toward workplace is also different. In some cases, employees make a mistake by assuming if a workplace has a friendly atmosphere they can get away with immature jokes and other unprofessional things. The outcome of this behavior might be not so funny because it can lead to interpersonal conflict or maybe even a lawsuit.

Employers understand that they will not experience this kind of problems if they hire veterans. Unprofessionalism and immaturity are not really your things because you appreciate the discipline and comfortable working environment.

You Know How to Lead

This is one of the most important things that can give a really good advantage over other candidates! Team leader, platoon leader, group leader - veterans are natural leaders because they have been living this way for a long time in the military. As the result, they have developed great leadership abilities that cannot be learned some other way.

Employers should understand that your personality is best suited for the job because you know to take orders and when to give them. This translates into a team-oriented working environment, which is so desired by many companies! Think of Colin Powell and Ronald Reagan – they came out of the military and reached their goals with their superior leadership skills.

You are Tenacious

Being called a tenacious person in business is a good thing because it means that you are a type of person who never gives up and never stops trying. Many people viewed Steve Jobs as one of the best examples of tenacious persons in the business. Your toughness and tenacity learned in the military may serve well for employers and yourself, so include this trait in the resume as well.

Useful Tools

Well, now you know how special you are if compared to other job seekers, why not take advantage of your skills? Here are some great websites for you to get started:

Wisestamp – Do you know that having an email signature with links to your online profiles and contact details could improve your chances to be considerate as a candidate? Try this tool and create your own signature.

Live Career – resume builder, examples, and templates for veterans

My Interview Simulator – is an online interview tool which could be used for practicing before having a real interview.

Emergencyessays.com – This writing service is known for providing a reliable and professional help with CV writing.

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