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The Digital Job Search

The Digital Job Search

Has this happened to you? You submit your resume online and sit back and wait. Weeks go by, and as your family and friends ask you about that amazing job or internship you applied for, that sinking feeling just gets worse. So many people go through this process and never get the chance to even sit in front of a hiring manager and show them who they really are.

As technology has advanced, so has the hiring process. New graduates are faced with a tough job market and strong competition, and it’s taking a toll. According to Microsoft’s recent survey of 1,000 college and post-grad-aged students, nearly half are not confident they will land their dream job or internship.

A resume needs to be polished and professional enough to catch someone’s eye without it being too over the top. To make that daunting task a little easier, check out these templates for Microsoft Word. From changing color palettes to easily inserting their own information into an already formatted resume, it doesn’t get any easier. With these free templates, you can quickly create visual, online-only representations of your work, such as a blog post about trends you’re seeing in the industry, the time you knew a particular career was for you, a visual portfolio that shows off your photos, designs, and event planning skills, or the best articles you’ve written. It’s little things like this that will help a hiring manager see you as more than a name on paper.

And last, but certainly not least, you MUST be prepared for a virtual interview. Video interviews--like video resumes--are becoming a typical part of the job search process; half the people we surveyed have taken interviews over Skype. So aside from all of the common tips to ensure your technology, internet and surroundings are intact, there are things you can do to make your Skype interview one the recruiter won’t forget.

One thing we always recommend is using technology is to practice. Applicants should open up the camera on their computer or phone and record themselves answering common interview questions. Then, play them back to see how your voice, facial expressions, and body language were captured on camera. When you jump on the call you’ll feel more prepared to talk about your accomplishments and will have any other kinks worked out.

The job search process is stressful enough. These tips and the tips and templates mentioned above will make it a little less stressful. Take advantage, stand out from the pack, and land that dream job–just do it.

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