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5 Reasons Veterans Should Go Into Healthcare for a Career

There’s no doubt that military members acquire a number of useful and effective skills during their time in service. After separation from the military, however, many veterans may be faced with the difficulty of choosing their new path in life. Though it may not be obvious, military experience offers an excellent segue into medical training. Both fields require many of the same skills and character traits, and there are several reasons that veterans may want to consider careers in healthcare.

Opportunities abound

Healthcare is one of the most reliable job sectors in our country. Good doctors, nurses, paramedics, laboratory technicians, and other healthcare support jobs are always in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that healthcare will demonstrate the fastest job growth of all industries. Unlike other types of employment, healthcare is one field that can never become obsolete.

Veterans have experience with pressure

Many of the characteristics that military experience cultivates would serve veterans well in the medical environment. In the ER, the surgical suite, the ICU, or the oncology floor, healthcare workers encounter intense, weighty, and high pressure situations, often with high stakes. Active duty experience can make veterans well-equipped to handle these responsibilities. Healthcare organizations need clinical staff with integrity, leadership, and a strong work ethic; all the character traits that hail from military discipline.

Veterans have priority status for certain jobs

Healthcare jobs within the government, such as those posted at VA hospitals or base facilities, give preferential hiring to job-seekers who are prior Military. This makes healthcare careers even more appealing to veterans who are considering moving on to new medical careers.

Professional development is unlimited

Healthcare companies are extremely encouraging of their employees’ upward development. They offer tuition reimbursement, professional counseling, and even some in-hospital classes to further the education of staff. For those who choose the nursing route, RN to BSN and RN to MSN online programs are the norm. This makes professional advancement accessible for RN's while they are still working.

Satisfaction is guaranteed

It’s not easy taking care of others in their most vulnerable state, but it is well worth the effort. Many veterans know that already. Healthcare is rewarding on so many levels. From the patients whose lives you change to the families that are forever grateful, few careers can offer the level of satisfaction that healthcare does.

IF you are a veteran or soon to be one, and are searching for your next adventure in life, why not consult with a health professions program counselor to see if healthcare could be the right option for you?