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Make Your Decision: 4 Tips to Choose Between Job Offers

Make Your Decision: 4 Tips to Choose Between Job Offers

Being targeted by more than one employer at the same time means you’re already above average. Having multiple job offers to choose from is definitely a luxury, and definitely, a good thing to have in your professional life.

But, the truth is that beyond the variety, the possibility to choose, and all the positive aspects that come along, the decision you make is critical. It’ll influence your nearest future big time, so you need to make a smart choice.

During today’s post, we’re going to discuss a few strategies that’ll help you make good decisions whenever you need to choose between two or more offers. Pay attention and remember to apply this in real life. Reading it and skipping it won’t get you any help.

Dig as Deep as You Can

If you truly care about your future, you can never choose a job before digging deep. The first thing you need to do is scout the company as well as you can. Analyze their Facebook profile, their website, and their testimonials/reviews.

Once you do that, I’d suggest going even deeper and contacting different people who have worked there before. You can get their contacts from the employer, as a good employer wouldn’t be bothered if you’d talk to his former employees.

Do the same with each company, and take your time. If you move fast, you finish this process in a matter of days. The information you’ll find is definitely going to influence your decision.

Determine Your Most Important Priorities

It’s very important to figure out what matters most to you. Throughout our lives, we go through different developmental processes, so we obviously have different needs. Moreover, there are many instances in which you’re forced to work because of certain issues that pop into your life.

We got in touch with Reina Hutchins, HR Manager at ResumesPlanet, and asked her for a little advice:

“When it comes to evaluating the factors that matter the most to you, make sure you avoid this common mistake:

Most of the time, individuals who have to choose between multiple job offers will choose the one with the highest pay. As time goes by, even if they cash in little extra cash, they become unfulfilled with their lives. Why? Because they’re not enjoying what they’re doing. They chose money over passion, so they ended up miserable.”

If the situation truly requires it and you’re obliged to generate more income, putting yourself through a rough but profitable time is not a bad idea. After all, you need to solve a problem, and the job that pays the best is your best chance of doing it.

 Which Job Gives You the Most Professional Development Opportunities?

Professional growth is definitely a factor that weighs a lot when choosing between more jobs. Successful people understand that their career successes don’t happen overnight. It takes work, consistency, patience, and the right job. If your job doesn’t offer you enough growth opportunities, you’re going to be stuck for a portion of your life.

Once you get stuck, you’ll enter a comfort zone state, and everything will seem harder. Make sure you avoid this happening by giving yourself time to think about your possible opportunities. Define these opportunities for your own situation – how do they look like, when will they show up, and which job gives you the most chances of reaching them?

I’d say this is the biggest factor to consider, but each and every one of us is different. I believe happiness comes with progress, and progress without opportunities is pretty hard to get.

Visually Inspect and Feel Your Future Jobs

In order to get a better understanding of what would it mean to work at Job X or Job Z, you need to imagine yourself working there already. Start to imagine the things around you. Think about the people who'll be there, imagine your boss, and try to feel what you would feel if you were actually sitting in that place.

Do this with each job, and take your time to actually enter that state. Our brains cannot differentiate the real from the imaginary. We believe it does, but it actually doesn’t. This means we can actually trick it into believing something that we want to believe and use the results when choosing the best offer.

Now, in order for this to be efficient, you need to do your homework and dig deeper into what each company does and how each company looks like from the inside. If you do not hold this information in your brain, it’ll be really hard to actually visualize and feel the job.


Making the right choice is essential for faster and more efficient professional growth. It’s always important to take the time to think, judge, analyze, and ultimately decide what you want to do with your life.

These situations should never be neglected, as they represent critical and fast changes in your lifestyle. With time, you’ll get better at it. The 5th time you’re choosing between jobs you’ll already know what to do, and you’ll do it. 

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