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5 Important Online Resources for Veterans to Restart a Career

5 Important Online Resources for Veterans to Restart a Career

In these days of online everything, finding veteran employment requires you to know your way around the Internet. Fortunately, there’s a purpose to doing so that makes it worth the effort, because a number of online resources exist that you can tap into and benefit from.

Here are a few you might not have heard of so far.

#1: LinkedIn for Veterans

LinkedIn is not only the top employment platform in the world, it’s also a great resource with services earmarked for veterans. Called LinkedIn for Good, this aspect of the social network enables you to hear about job openings, and appear in search results when prospective employers are looking for candidates with your skills.

The site enables you to optimize the skills section to give you the best exposure, gives you a free 1-year Job Seeker subscription with $360, and offers free access to courses on transitioning from the military to civilian employment or to student life.

#2: The Veteran Employment Center

The Veteran Employment Center is a division of the US Department of Veteran affairs. It offers various online tools like a military job translator, to help you identify the aspects of your experience that constitute transferable skills for the workplace. It has a job bank containing more than a million jobs, and you can research companies to find out if they are potential employers worth watching.

#3: Government Volunteer Opportunities

The Public Service and Volunteer Opportunities section on USA.gov lists multiple volunteer positions. Yes, we know volunteering doesn’t pay the bills, but often a short, unpaid internship or a volunteer gig is a stepping stone to a great position, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge. You might not get paid, but it beats sitting around getting discouraged, opens the door to multiple opportunities, and helps you build a network of people you can call on for support (and references).

Some sites listed also offer grants for business ideas, training in transferable skills and the chance to take part in important research projects while you wait to find veteran employment that suits you.

#4: After College

For veterans who have a college diploma or other certification under their belt, AfterCollege connects college students and graduates with potential employers through faculty and career networks at colleges and universities. It provides access to a network of more than 8,200 academic departments, a career resources center, information about resumes and interviews, and a salary negotiation guide.

It also has an extensive library of articles on finding entry-level employment and internships without prior experience, which veterans can put to good use. 

#5: Experience.com

Experience.com is much more than just a job bank. While it’s aimed primarily at new graduates, the point is to help people get started in the workplace without necessarily having prior experience. You can create a profile, search for job opportunities and network with other candidates, and the blog contains insights about the job market, forecasts and details of the skills you need to be successful in the workforce.

Even though this site is not geared specifically towards veteran employment, you’ll find plenty of information aimed at breaking through that “lack of relevant experience” issue that tends to dog your applications. 

Visit our job board regularly to look for suitable positions you can apply for, but don’t waste your time while you wait for the right one to turn up. Spend it keeping occupied instead, making contacts and gathering civilian experience. It will serve you well, just as you served this great nation well.