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Service Never Ends: 3 Satisfying Life Paths After Ending A Military Career

Service Never Ends: 3 Satisfying Life Paths After Ending A Military Career

After a career serving your country in the armed forces, you may be unsure of what to do next. Your experience and years of service can be put to use in a rewarding second career. Each of these three satisfying life paths allows you to make the most of the skills and experience you developed while also allowing you to learn more and continue to help others.

Helping Others in Your Community

If you have reached the retirement age for the military, consider taking a job or volunteer position in your community. Organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the YMCA may provide you with the opportunity to be a role model for youngsters in the community. Consider working for a non-profit organization that helps homeless veterans or links people with key resources in the area. If you gained experience such as fixing vehicles, building shelters or repairing electronics, find a position that allows you to share those skills with others in need.

Pursuing a Criminal Justice Degree

Your experience in the military makes the criminal justice field a natural choice for the next chapter in your life. Pursuing a criminal justice online program is a wise next step for becoming a police officer, FBI agent, or another law enforcement professional. You could also become a security professional, helping companies or individuals to defend themselves, their homes, and their businesses with a military-like level of precision. With your military experience, you may be eligible for tuition assistance programs to make it easier to complete your criminal justice degree.

Putting Your Physical Strength to Work

The physical strength and stamina built during your career in the military can also make for a satisfying life path. Consider working as a personal trainer, helping others to achieve and maintain their bodies in a healthy way. You may find that helping people to build their own muscles and develop their own strength is highly rewarding. If you are less of a "people person," consider a job in construction. You will be able to work on projects and maintain your physical fitness. 

Each of these three life paths allows you to pursue your interests and highlight your strengths. Your military background will show employers that you are disciplined, hard-working, and that you take directions well. You could even gain an education in a field such as criminal justice and then embark on a totally new career to stimulate your mind and keep you socially connected.

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