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4 Reasons a Veteran Should Be your Next Hire

4 Reasons a Veteran Should Be your Next Hire

Lately, many companies like GE, Walmart, and other big firms have pledged to hire thousands of veterans to fill jobs. We think it's great that corporate America is realizing how valuable our heroes are.

If your business has yet to get on board, consider these four reasons why a veteran should be your next hire.

1. Tenacity. Veterans understand better than most what perseverance is all about, if for no other reason than they survived boot camp. Marines, for example, must prove they can hike 20 miles carrying a fully loaded pack.

2. Decisiveness. People in the military know how to make a decision quickly. They don't always have the luxury of taking all day to analyze a situation. Of course, they must gather and understand data thoroughly, but they also realize the importance of doing it expediently.

3. Initiative. When you think of someone in the military, you probably imagine them as someone who follows orders. And they do. However, they also understand that there are situations when they need to take action in the absence of orders. They don't have to wait to be told if something needs to be done.

4. Execution: Vets get things done. It's that simple.

Are there other reasons you think vets make good employees? Let us know with a comment.

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