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How a Veteran Can Become a Successful Writer

How a Veteran Can Become a Successful Writer

Military life is very demanding and is characterized by a lot of training. It prepares you to handle almost anything in life. How about trying a career in writing? If you have managed to survive in your military profession for whatever amount of time, you definitely can make it. As a veteran, you have handled more difficult stuff than this. There is a lot to write about, including sharing your memories with other people.

Why Writing is a Perfect Cross-Over for Veterans like you

Almost all the qualities that build a successful writer match what the military people do on a daily basis. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a difficult milestone to achieve in your pursuit of a writing career. There is a lot you have done in the past that you can apply today to excel in writing. With the many online writing jobs available today, you can transform yourself by following the path of becoming a good writer. You already got many options with you and here are some of the ways you can help yourself adjust accordingly to become a successful writer:

  • Writing Needs Body Exercise – this is a core requirement for military people and it is amazing how important it is towards becoming a successful writer. This is something that you won’t struggle with. Every morning, a good writer should engage in some sort of exercise to ignite and rev the brain. When your body is functioning well, your brain will perform just as well. It’s not necessarily a strenuous exercise. Do some push-ups, squats for about five minutes per day and then you will be good to go. 
  • Engaging your Brain – do a mental exercise prior to your writing. This is useful in opening your mind to a whole world of ideas to write about. You can achieve this through free-writing approaches. Just write what comes into your mind. It doesn’t really matter how you will do it. All that is important is to write something that will prime you and get you focused prior to writing anything for your audience.
  • Engage your subconsciousbecoming a successful writer is such a journey. You will definitely go through gargantuan blocks normally experienced by every writer. These blocks will at times not budge despite arriving at an important part of your story. For instance, you may get to a point where you don’t know what to do to keep your sales copy persuasion strong. In such moments, it will be useful to ask your subconscious. This could be what you need to clear off your writing. As former military personnel, this isn’t something new to you. Some writers are fond of literally asking their subconscious on what to do. Definitely, they don’t expect a loud response, obviously not suddenly.   The whole idea is about bringing the matter out in the open where it would be impossible for it to hide.

Other ways to engage your subconscious include taking a slight walk to think over the matter, talking to a close friend or writing in your choice journal.  After doing this, you can now go about your day-to-day routine. In the event that your subconscious is geared up to inform you of a solution to your problem, it will line up in your chain of thought. You can also choose to set the issue aside for some time to help you gain clarity or find a new approach. 

  • You don’t need to schedule anything – it is not necessary to have a schedule of things to do. Becoming a successful writer doesn’t mean you become busy all the time. Your main focus should be on the creation of ideas and these come when your mind is open to tapping them. All you need is time but not a schedule of activities. Keep your mind empty for ideas to flow in and through you. For example, you can take a 30-minute walk outside your house to let your mind tap useful ideas to write about. This is one of the greatest writing practices to embrace.
  • Build your network – With writing, you are not doing it for yourself. You definitely will get some recognition for your writing. In that case, start to establish new contacts and endeavour to meet new persons to grow your network. This can be done both offline and online. Therefore, reach out to people existing in the online platform and where possible, do it in person. A good way of contacting new people is by sending an email to an already established author that you admire. Once you have established your writing interests, send a guest-blogging request to different sites available online. Taking part in online discussions also helps. You can respond to a blog comment to meet new people. Do this on a daily basis in order to be successful in your endeavours. The input you get from other people is important in shaping your writing into something that will be of benefit to your target audience.

If you have worked in the military before and want to find something useful to do to move on with life, writing offers you a great option. You don’t need to make sudden changes or strenuous activities to succeed. All you need is to reinvent your already learnt skills and rebrand yourself anew. It starts with discovering your passion and uncovering your key skills and qualities that match up your new pursuit.

Don’t do it all alone. Reach out to other people who have gone ahead in the writing industry. Get involved in what they are doing. Follow interesting blogs and keep reading too in order to better your writing skills. Just as you have worked in the military, it will be important to bring people in your network to help you out.

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