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Get Top-Notch Teamwork: Hire a Veteran-Owned Business Consultancy

Get Top-Notch Teamwork: Hire a Veteran-Owned Business Consultancy

Everywhere you look these days, you read or hear about the staffing shortages caused by the pandemic. Unemployment is at an all-time low, yet companies can’t get the personnel they need. Companies previously committed to hiring veterans because of their strong leadership skills, robust teamwork approach, and ability to follow instructions have found themselves struggling to fill positions.   

Reasons for the Staffing Shortages

The Covid-19 pandemic led to many companies closing their doors, unable to survive the lockdowns and the subsequent supply chain challenges. Some industries, e.g., hospitality and travel, have suffered tremendous losses due to the pandemic. Instead of creating a glut of qualified job applicants, the market has swung in the opposite direction. Unemployment is lower than it has been in some time, and companies compete to secure available candidates.

Economists have studied this issue at length and believe the main reasons for the staffing shortage are:

  • Many workers are quitting in favor of better compensation and benefits
  • People are re-evaluating their quality of life and looking for a better work-life balance
  • Companies haven’t had opportunities to plan for succession of retiring workers
  • Flexible and remote working arrangements gained popularity during the pandemic
  • Risks of infection remain high, with Covid-19 variants arising without warning

For companies that want to support veterans and have previously been in the habit of hiring veterans, competition for qualified candidates is now stiffer than ever. Fortunately, there’s another way to support veterans in their transition to civilian life, at least until life gets back to normal.

Consider Outsourcing or Using a Consultant

It has never been a better time for veterans making the transition to civilian life to become entrepreneurs. The consulting industry is booming as more and more companies look for expert advice in diverse areas like management, technology, marketing, and more.

As consultants, veterans can leverage their skills and experience in various fields to provide guidance to businesses that need it. For companies seeking expertise in any area, outsourcing to a consultant or hiring someone on a contract basis is a good interim solution.

Benefits to Employers

Taking this step offers multiple benefits to companies of every size. Employing a full-time staffer carries a modicum of risk. This includes the chances of long-term unsuitability, the cost of salaries and benefits, and the risk of future pandemic-related issues impacting profitability.

By outsourcing to a consultant, companies can bypass all these issues. In addition, you can reap the advantages such as:

  • Getting a strong, motivated individual with precisely the right expertise for your circumstances. Companies no longer need to multi-skill workers to wear different hats; by hiring a consultant for a specific project, they can move on to a differently-qualified person for the next task.
  • Benefiting from veterans’ well-developed teamwork capabilities to build your own in-house team without committing to a long-term employment contract.
  • Saving financially by reducing headcount and overheads for premises, equipment, and benefits, since most consultants have their own infrastructure and operate independently.

Few situations in life or business offer guarantees. For companies in dire need of qualified candidates to keep their operations humming, however, hiring veteran consultants is the next best thing to appointing permanent employees.

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