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Navigating Accessibility to Legal Services for Veterans

Navigating Accessibility to Legal Services for Veterans

For veterans, the transition from active service to life back home can be challenging, especially when service led to debilitating injuries and disability. Studies reveal that a staggering 29.6% of veterans between the ages of 21 to 64 have a service-related disability. This means around 3.5 million veterans will have to adapt their daily lives.

For these veterans, a simple act such as finding legal representation can be a daunting task and may leave them exposed to undue risk. Congress is constantly reviewing new initiatives for greater accessibility and for veterans, this means better access to life-changing services

Creating a Streamlined Approach 

Thanks to an initiative that was passed by the American Bar Association (ABA) in 2018, access to legal services for active military personnel and veterans is streamlined. The ABA Military & Veterans Legal Center is a centralized resource hub that gets veterans into contact with the right legal representation in their area.

This service is invaluable to veterans who may not have the time or resources to scour the thousands of legal representatives in their chosen state. The center is designed to get veterans help with their legal problems and access to pro bono assistance when needed. 

Zero-In On Legal Talent

For veterans, legal services may seem daunting as fair and cost-effective legal representation is hard to come by, especially when there are requests that don't fall within the ambit on the ABA Military & Veterans Legal Center.

Shopping for an attorney no longer has to involve long drives and endless appointments, as legaltech comes into play. Law firms are paying attention to SEO (search engine optimization) and listing the services most likely to land them their ideal client. Those who are known to do pro bono work for veterans will be easier to find.

For veterans, a simple online search can get them into contact with the representation they need without having to step out of their homes. Apps, virtual appointments, and cloud sharing services are changing the way law firms take on new cases. 

Unprecedented Legal Opportunities  

One of the biggest obstacles for veterans to overcome is homelessness. One of the major causes of homelessness for many veterans is legal trouble.

By zeroing in on homeless veterans, legal representation can be streamlined to provide bespoke solutions that more generic legal clinics might not be able to help with. 

The Homeless Veterans Prevention Act of 2019 was brought about for this reason, and aims at creating viable legal solutions particularly for this vulnerable group. There is no barrier to services such as a large retainer or pricey fees. If managed successfully, as many as 16,000 veterans can be helped to get back into the program, and in time, off the streets. 

Fear and a lack of financial resources are large stumbling blocks for veterans to overcome when trying to access legal services. With the right access through discounted costs, pro bono services, or government initiatives, veterans can rest assured their legal troubles are taken care of.  

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By Lucy Wyndham