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The Future of Work for Veterans - Part 3

The Future of Work for Veterans - Part 3

In this third installment of a four-part series, we will continue to look at the future of work through 2030, and how today’s active duty military and veterans can prepare to be global-workplace ready.

The future impact of automation on the workforce 

One of my favorite technology companies, Redhat, describes ways in which digital transformation is the process by which an organization adopts new and innovative ways of doing business to take advantage of technological advancements.

Companies achieve digital transformation through business automation. It is no longer enough for an organization to gain efficiencies and manage costs by automating some processes.

Today, with the advent and ubiquitous nature of big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies must align Business Rules Management (BRM) and Business Process Management (BPM).

Some organizations allow clients ranging from small businesses to multi-national firms to directly aim their ads at your target market. How do they do it?

They use big-data, Artificial Intelligence, in-market consumer intelligence, customer behavior technology, and geo-conquesting for the ultimate in lead generation and sales.

Let us unpack this concept. Jake’s Restaurant has a business rule that specifies automated, unsolicited contact with an end-user when their smartphone enters the restaurant’s geographic location.

The business process uses AI, customer behavior, and other technologies to contact the end-user’s smartphone. The end-user will receive a number of alerts as they enter and travel through the restaurant’s targeted location.

The smartphone alert contains the restaurant location, distance to the restaurant, and a digital, discount coupon, for example.

How employees take advantage of disruptive trends for job security 

An employee—Chris—had been tasked with standing on the corner with printed discount coupons for Jake’s restaurant to give away to passersby.

As a result of automation and AI, Chris has lost a bit of job security. Although they were quite skilled at getting people to take the flyer and walk into the restaurant at some point in the future, technology has a wider reach and a higher conversion rate than Chris had been able to achieve.

Chris didn’t despair. When they heard their employer planned to implement new software, they began studying how to administer the software package. 

After a conversation with the manager, Chris’s job security increased exponentially when they were given access to the software's administrative console. Chris is now able to manage advertisement campaigns for their organization and future employers.

Chris stayed alert to the implementation of new technology in his industry. They did the research, created a free training program for themselves, and rather than being replaced by big data and AI they took advantage of this disruptive trend in the industry and created a secure niche for their job security.

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About the Author: Antoinette Lee Toscano proudly served in the United States Army during the Gulf War era, for eleven years as a database administrator, dental clinic manager, Army recruiter, dental assistant, dental hygienist and an air assault qualified, expert field medic throughout her military career.