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Veterans in Digital Marketing - A Win-Win Situation?

Veterans in Digital Marketing - A Win-Win Situation?

Hiring veterans in digital marketing is one of the best win-win market deals trending right now. The process offers benefits to both employers and the veterans themselves in many areas of interests. We will be talking about employer benefits below, but before that, let’s see what benefits veterans might get:

  • Immediate income and employee benefits
  • Increased chance of employment after the program
  • Valuable and practical skill
  • One-on-one support from a VA vocational rehabilitation counselor or employment coordinator

According to the Human Resource Executive, more and more veterans are considered for various positions within the job market nowadays. There are multiple reasons why you should hire veterans for your business, and here are some of the best ones. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.

Veterans Will Set Goals

As you might already know, the military is a great academy for training goal-oriented people; and even if some might not be goal-oriented, they become so after completing their military education. Hiring veterans will make your business easier to run, especially if they are put in leadership positions. They will be focused on running things smoothly and consistently and keeping their targets intact. Veterans are very cooperative as well and they won’t let any personal problem get in the way of their success.

According to essay writing service reviews, veterans will not set any type of goal, they will set S.M.A.R.T. goals: sustainable, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Veterans Can Lead

Veterans are trained to be successful leaders, so you will not find one who’s unable to do it properly. That’s because most of those who will be applying for your company have already taken different leadership roles within the military. Experts agree that the average candidate is recruited around age 19 and promoted to become a non-commissioned officer by the age of 20, according to an article at smallbiztrends.

They Are Hard-Workers

Veterans are trained to be serious in their jobs and work hard for what they are interested in achieving. So, if you think a determined person striving for a higher position is not what you need for now, this is not the population you should go for.

Veterans know how to take responsibility and will be prompt in their actions. They will work hard until you tell them to, but they will – of course! – ask for the proper financial rewards in return. Since they are taught that making mistakes can lead to disastrous outcomes, they will be as precise as possible in their work and strive for the best outcomes, said Brian from HR tech.

Decision-Making Comes Naturally

Decision-making is a natural process for any veteran. “They are trained to analyze every situation mindfully before making a final decision, so they will be your most needed trustworthy employees,” writes Australianwritings. Since they are also taught to react rather fast in any circumstance, veterans will also use intuition to respond to various scenarios. This makes any business flourish quickly but steadily.

Veterans Speak Their Mind

Even if veterans are very well trained to follow orders and deliver without asking, the business world is not the military, so they will be asking questions. They might even make employers reconsider business strategy and decisions. They will not just quietly stay put and watch a company heading the wrong way. It’s in their instinct to do everything possible for making the best out of any given situation.

Working Independently Is Not a Problem

If you need a person to put all of your trust in when it comes to making business decisions, a veteran might be your best choice. Even if teamwork is incredibly developed within their systems, veterans are also able to make decisions on their own and work independently. They won’t need other people’s approval and will take full responsibility for their actions. Studies have shown that veterans are 45% more willing to start a business than other individuals.

Work Ethic Is Outstanding

No veteran will ever slack off. They are constantly being trained to observe the tasks they’re given and bring them to completion. They know that every task assigned has a purpose and will lead somewhere, so trust is another important characteristic your relationships will develop. Their work ethic is outstanding and even if they have questions, they will never back off from a rather challenging assignment. They understand what hard work is and will do anything they can to complete tasks on time.

Veterans Are Organized

Veterans are trained to be organized and structured in their work. If they lacked organization, they wouldn’t be able to serve the country properly. From day one, the military trains them to develop these type of qualities. They practice the art of organization every single day, so after finishing their service, they usually keep the same life patterns. For employers in need of internal business organization, hiring a veteran might be the best option.

They Understand Globalization

Serving the country at an international level, veterans know that globalization is necessary to any thriving business. When your business – especially if small – focuses on expanding internationally, having a veteran run or help this whole process is a gold mine. They will bring in a global perspective and provide supervision and help with everything your company might need. Many veterans possess intensive overseas experience, many language abilities, and detailed experience with global markets.

Hiring a Veteran Will Save You Money

You are allowed by the United States government to hire a qualified veteran at an apprentice level wage according to the Special Employer Incentives (SEI) program. Employers hiring veterans will receive up to 50% of the veteran’s salary – the program covers costs of instruction, loss of production due to training, and supplies and equipment for training. The program can last up to 6 months.

Wrapping Up

Veterans will set goals, lead instinctively, work hard, make natural decisions, speak their minds, be able to work independently, have a strong work ethic code, keep organized, and help your business develop on an international level. Think about hiring a veteran!

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By Tom Jager