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Pump Up Your Confidence: 6-Point Checklist Before a Job Interview

Pump Up Your Confidence: 6-Point Checklist Before a Job Interview

Congratulations on landing yourself a job interview! You are ready for a job and now you need to prepare for the interview. Adjust to a non-military work culture. Unlike in the military, you must address your interviewer by the first or last name. Adopt a different language to mention time. For example, say 4 pm instead of 16:00 hours. Explain your position in the military in simple terms and avoid complex military titles. Keep an open mind to changes and new types of jobs. You also need to be flexible regarding the work environment and job duties.

Proofreading your resume is crucial. It increases your chances of getting called for an interview. A smooth resume that flows smoothly and is free from errors creates a good first impression on recruiters. Proofreading prevents spelling and grammatical mistakes. Take time to go through your resume and ensure there are no mistakes. Check whether all information provided is correct and not fake. Organize your resume and do not cramp the text in it. You can seek professional help for proofreading your resume. It will save you time and guarantee a high-quality resume.

Are you nervous about the interview? Are you unsure of what to expect? Transitioning from the military to any other workforce may seem challenging, but it’s not impossible. Your work discipline will come in handy. The tips below will help you prepare and boost your confidence before the interview.

Assess the company and the job position

Research the company and the job profile so you can be well prepared. It will also give you an insight into the company’s history, work, culture, and achievements. Assessing the job position will help you identify your skills and can bring to the company.

You must also prepare a set of questions you would ask the recruiter at the end of the interview. This will be easy if you do your research well. Asking questions will demonstrate that you are interested in the role and have done your research.

Prepare for questions

Make a list of common and unexpected interview questions and formulate your answers to them. If you are prepared for all sorts of questions, you will feel confident. Find someone to take your mock interviews.

Be calm during the interview and think before answering. If a question seems tricky, take a deep breath, relax, think, and answer.

Know the location and the interview time

Confirm the day, time, and location of the interview beforehand. Get familiar with the interview location and practice reaching it a few days before the interview. This will help you calculate the time it takes you to reach. If needed, you can also download a map of the route.

Reach the location a few minutes before the scheduled time. This will make you feel relaxed. You can use the restroom and check if your outfit and appearance are alright. You can look in the mirror at the restroom and tell yourself, ‘I can do this’. This will be a confidence booster right before going for the interview.

Carry your documents and a pen

Remember to carry documents and other essentials for the interview. Print out your resume and the job advert, and remember the name of the hiring manager. Carry recommendation letters, certificates, and the names of your references. It is always a good idea to have some extra documents with you at the interview. Remember to arrange your documents in the file well before the interview.

You must keep a pen and notepad with you to take notes. The pen will also come handy if you are asked to fill a form.

Eat well and get enough sleep

It is important for you to sleep well the night before your interview. Sufficient sleep helps you to think and keeps your brain active. You must also consume a nutritious meal prior to your interview. It will help to function properly and feel energetic. Avoid having a hot beverage just before the interview.

Adopt the interview dress code and manners

Keep a formal dress ready well before the interview, even if it is a phone interview. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to find an outfit. A clean and ironed formal outfit will automatically enhance your confidence. As a military veteran, you are organized and punctual. Maintain these traits because they will be also appreciated in jobs other than the military workforce.

Learn to greet the interviewer and be jolly. You don’t need to show in your personality that you have a military background, so loosen up a little. Shake hands with the interviewer and switch off your phone. Turning off your phone completely avoids any form of distraction.

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By Bella Williams

As an academic researcher and private tutor, Bella guides new-age professionals and students with their careers. A graduate of Monash University, Bella organizes free coaching workshops and promotes free knowledge sharing.