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Veterans: Using the Internet For Flexible Work-Life

Veterans: Using the Internet For Flexible Work-Life

In today’s internet-driven society, almost 58% of Americans now work remotely at least one day a week. This is a growing trend among Western societies, brought on by the ever-present interconnectedness that the internet provides. For military, police, and other public service veterans - this is a quality opportunity to showcase their skills on the world wide web. Entrepreneurial veterans working in the business field should consider the advantages that being a digital nomad offers, including the ability to make a six-figure salary.

Work From Anywhere and Make Your Own Hours 

The traditional philosophy regarding work revolves around the structure of a 9 to 5 job. Waking up five days a week and showing up to the same office, for the same amount of time, at the same desk can be draining, and oftentimes leaves employees yearning for a more fulfilling career. This trepidation is even more prevalent in veterans who’ve grown accustomed to the unpredictability and constant change of scenery that’s a part of the military experience. The digital nomad life offers personal flexibility that an office job simply can’t match. Veterans who enjoy the freedom of traveling where they please can still make a lucrative career completely online, without the need to physically be in an office.

Some jobs for digital nomads include:

  • working as a promoter for certain products that veterans could use,
  • social media marketing,
  • blogging/writing, and
  • graphic design.

It’s difficult to determine just how much money you can expect to make working remotely - it usually depends on the type of job. But salaries can range anywhere from $1,600/month, to well over six figures per year. Given some time, making enough money online to support constant travel and working flexible hours won’t be an issue at all.

Utilize the Skills Most Coveted in Veterans

There’s no denying that veterans and public service professionals carry a sense of respect and trust - two traits that employers bend over backward to find. And with the veteran unemployment rate at just 3% in March 2022, this spells good news for vets looking for work. This demand for capable employees does not change simply because the job is digital. In fact, this can be even more useful when working online because digital employers or business partners are hoping to find people that can work autonomously and consistently - something that military training instills in their veterans. As natural leaders, vets are prime candidates for the digital nomad lifestyle because they’re usually self-motivated, communicate effectively, and don’t procrastinate when it comes to getting work done. Reliable employees are difficult to find anywhere, especially online, and being a military veteran provides a leg up over people who don’t have that training, even in the online workspace. 

Highlight Your Experiences

Whether you’re a veteran of the military, police, firefighters, or something different - it’s vital that you showcase your service to potential employers as much as possible. Working a career in one of these fields provides valuable experience that can’t be found elsewhere. Use the skills you learned to gain the leverage you need to get the job. Since employers are looking for a remote worker that they can trust, draw attention to the public service aspect of the job, and focus on why that’s a useful trait for a digital employee. If done well, you could be well on your way to working whenever and wherever you please.

Being a military veteran means that you’ve sacrificed for the good of the country and society as a whole. It also means that you have the desirable traits and skills necessary to be a productive and valued employee - especially in the digital world. Since this experience already makes you more than qualified to work on your own terms, all that’s necessary to be successful as a digital nomad is the gumption to give it a try.

By Lucy Wyndham

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