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What Are The MOOC Enrollment Benefits For Veterans?

What Are The MOOC Enrollment Benefits For Veterans?

Since the government offered free courses to veterans so that they can have a better transition from military life back into regular life, a veteran can choose any MOOC course (Massive Open Online Courses) that he is interested in and take it in order to readjust properly into society. But why are MOOC courses beneficial to veterans? 

It’s open to everyone 

“If you want to learn, you can because this is a very simple way to learn. All you need is access to the web and a computer and you can enroll. All of the class materials and information are available online and you can learn there. There is no classroom and no limit to the number of people that can take it,” says Zoe Chi.

It’s free

Just imagine how much money you would have to spend on education if it weren’t for these courses. You can get a certificate which can give you a job later and all of this will be free. That’s the amazing part - you don’t have to pay or take any expensive classes when you have one course for free - you can use it to start your own business or find employment much easier than you usually would. 

structure is flexible

Students can generally progress at their own pace and obtain a certificate on their own time. When you want to get a certificate or credit, these might be a bit more complex but they are still fairly flexible and easy to take. 

MOOCs support other learning methods

Even though most MOOCs don’t really provide academic credits or result in a degree, you can still get the benefits of being enrolled in an academic program. These programs can help you learn more about your current school work if you have entered an academic program already and you can find resources, assistance, and many other good uses for this MOOC course. This is a free way to get something you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

You get lifelong learning opportunities

One of the best to learn is to have fun learning something that you love and enjoy. Most MOOCs are the perfect way to study online and learn on your own terms, in a way that works well for you. Anyone can stop and start taking a MOOC without feeling guilty about either. You can take away plenty of pressure this way.

Certifications are recognized

Many jobs have necessary requirements like a degree or a certificate. In some industries, though, more important than the academic credential is the real amount of knowledge and skill this person has. Before MOOCs appeared you would only be able to prove that you know something by getting an official academic diploma from a college or university. However, MOOCs are an alternative, simpler method of proving skills you already know that you have and they don’t force you into getting an expensive full degree or a credential.

You have a wide range of subjects to choose from

“There aren’t many academic institutions that have the same wide variety of topics and subjects like MOOCs do. You can study anything from geography to math or programming. The Internet offers a good solution for information but most individuals are not sure how to use this information in an organized way,” says Juno Flocks, an author at Researchpapersuk and Lastminute Writing.

 A MOOC course could be a great opportunity in your life. It can help you learn something new and find a job that you’ll enjoy. Choose from one of many topics and you’ll be able to learn in a quick and easy way.

By Inna Yegorova 

Inna Yegorova works as a business analyst living in Springfield, MA. She enjoys healthy cooking, playing tennis and writing on all aspects of business development at Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays. She helps clients define business goals, find market opportunities and standardize their workflows.