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The American economy is booming and veterans are finally seeing the employment levels they deserve. For both employers and workers, hiring veterans is a viable option that recruiters these days are keen to make use of. Veterans bring with them many transferable skills, such as strong leadership, good teamwork and the ability to manage conflict. Often, they have management experience in highly technical industries, too. Let’s examine how jobs for veterans are changing the marketplace in Charlotte, NC in 2019.

About Charlotte

Charlotte is a major city and economic hub in the state of North Carolina. It has a modern city center known as Uptown, which is home to several museums and the NASCAR Hall of Fame that celebrates the sport of auto racing through interactive exhibits and films. It’s also the 16th most populated city in the United States, and was the country’s fastest-growing metropolitan area from 2004 to 2014.

Charlotte’s Financial Legacy

The financial sector of the economy is made up of firms and institutions that deliver financial services to commercial and retail customers. This sector consists of a wide range of industries, including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate firms. Since 1995, Charlotte NC has held the distinction of being the second-largest banking region in the nation. This is partly because it is the location of Bank or American’s corporate headquarters and Wells Fargo’s east coast operations.

There’s more to the story than that, however. A century ago, NC was one of the first states that allowed more than one bank within its borders. In the late 1970s, one banking CEO purchased a few branches in Florida and mounted a successful legal campaign to cross state lines. This created a mega-bank, which bought up banks in surrounding areas and became Bank of America. More deals followed and the 2008 sub-prime crisis caused some hiccups, but eventually the city became home to two of the U.S.’s biggest four banks, making Charlotte the second largest banking center after New York City.

Jobs for Veterans in Charlotte

The robust finance industry in Charlotte NC makes it a prime employment center for veterans. Some of the jobs veterans excel in include:

Financial Advisors – This is particularly suitable for former active service members who may have processed payroll or carried the responsibility for budgetary monitoring and compliance. Any former duties that enable them to understand the value of assets and read the market help to equip them for a career in this field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the number of personal financial advisors will grow by 15% by 2026 as Americans’ earning levels improve and their desire for investments increases.  

Financial Analysts – People who hold this position typically review investment or operational opportunities, assess financial risk and project future performance, which drives decision makers and impacts business budgets. A veteran with a financial background can take a short course in financial analysis and develop into a well-rounded candidate in the corporate finance field.

Finance Managers – They oversee the financial operations of a company and produce reports showing current and future profits. Finance managers may be required to prepare financial statements and forecasts, oversee the legal financial requirements, supervise financial employees and analyze market trends to find expansion opportunities.

Accounting Officers, who prepare and examine the company’s financial records, ensure they are right and taxes are filed correctly. They also handle the recording of all financial transactions, usually through a software program customized for the organization.

Hiring Veterans in Charlotte

Companies looking to hire veterans in Charlotte NC to fill vacancies in the financial industry need to focus on making their organizations inclusive workplaces, and to advertise their positions across channels veterans typically consume. One of the areas you can count on to reach the people you want to receive applications from is our job board, which reaches thousands of qualified individuals every day.

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