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Dallas Digital Services

Dallas Digital Services was established in 1996 as a service provider for enterprise level Fortune 500 companies. Today, we have grown into a nationally recognized provider of mission-critical storage solutions for mid to large sized corporations of all types.We have long-term, ongoing relationships with a number of our clients and are proud to serve them for many years now. At DDS we believe succeeding in the storage market starts with maximizing efficiencies and customer satisfaction. To that end, we adhere to the following guiding principles:

We don’t sell products and then walk away. We stay with you from pre-sales through installation to post-sales and ongoing support. We make sure you get the maintenance support you need and monitor your agreements so that you won’t be left uncovered.

We are independent and will only provide you with best-in-class solutions for the best available price regardless of the size of the supplier. Most importantly, because we are independent, we are your advocate, not the vendor’s. And we won’t partner with someone just because they took us to lunch.

Our engineers wear multiple hats. Every one of our engineers has both pre and post sales responsibilities and must be able to install and support the storage systems they design. This way there is no room for misinterpretation or confusion and one person maintains responsibility.

The Dallas Digital Services Mission Statement:
Our mission is to offer unparalleled value to our end-user community by providing the very best in Information technology products, services and expertise into customer's data centers. Our efforts are to build strong, long lasting relationships with our customers by providing a Service and Product Value approach.