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Bees in the Burbs'

Bees in the ‘burbs provides bee hive setup, maintenance, service and products; in essence, all aspects associated with owning and maintaining a bee hive or multiple hives. Services also available are honey and bees wax harvesting, extraction and processing.  Interested parties are able to purchase all equipment needed to own a hive, including, but not limited to, all elements of the hive, the beekeeping equipment (suits, smokers, etc.), the bees, instruction on placement of hives, and year-round maintenance of the bees. Honey extraction and bottling service is available, as is bees wax processing.  All beekeeping products, as well as a variety of honey-themed products.  Raw Honey, Bee Pollen, Honeycomb, beeswax candles and other honey products.  Also, bee type gifts, such as honey pots are available for sale in the retail store.

We also do several Farmers Markets in the summer months & holiday bazaars in the fall/winter.