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Jolly Turtle LLC

I own several quickly growing ecommerce businesses with a warehouse in South Plano.  CR RanchWear, Swordsofmight.com, swords.net, paulchenhanweiswords.com and heliopatch.com.  We are looking for someone who can start out at the ground level and grow within the position.  Our first Air Force Veteran started 6 months ago and was recently promoted with a 30% pay increase plus many benefits (car, meals, insurance).  You would work directly with her, and she is a bada$$.

The initial position would be a combination of warehouse fulfillment (pack and ship), customer service, administration and optionally some regional travel to set up booths (California, Ft. Worth, Oklahoma, Vegas, Arizona).  The sky is the limit for a world-class candidate- I am even happy to teach and/or potentially partner with you on future businesses.  

We have about 6 employees currently and strive for a raving company culture.  Attitude, integrity, indefatigable effort and initiative are the most important qualities we look for.  We believe in treating our customer like royalty and our employees like gods.  I am not exaggerating when I say that an A+ candidate could have real financial abundance in just a few years.