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Cresent Fine Furniture

Third-Generation Family Furniture Company

Our logo says it all:  "Solid.  Since 1947."

In 1947, our grandfather Charlie Tomkins began manufacturing furniture in the small town of Gallatin, Tennessee.  He believed there was a market for solid wood bedroom and dining furniture made to the highest standards of quality, but offered at a value.  Value to "Mr. Charlie" did not mean building cheap furniture or cutting corners.  Instead, it meant building high-quality, solid wood furniture, but skipping all the expensive overhead and marketing of his competitors, instead relying on building a reputation by word of mouth.  He traveled the country with a sample nightstand in the back of his station wagon, building the Cresent brand the old-fashioned way.

Almost 70 years later, many things have changed in the furniture industry.  But some things have not--at Cresent when you give us a call , you can still speak to a member of the family that owns and operates Cresent. And we still focus every day on the same goal--making high-quality solid wood bedroom and dining furniture, and offering it at what we think is the best value in the industry.

So that is it--Solid Wood, Solid Value, Solid Family Ownership.   Solid. Since 1947.