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Product Quest Manufacturing

You will be in good company. A family of three complementary organizations that develop, produce and clinically test topical formulas for healthy and beautiful skin.

Product Quest Manufacturing

For over two decades, Product Quest Manufacturing, located in the Daytona Beach area, has been helping retailers and brand developers reach impossible goals. It starts with passionate people armed with smart technology


A development and manufacturing organization, Ei a Pharmaceutical Solutionworks, located in Kannapolis, NC, specializes in liquid and semi-solid products for topical application. We use leading-edge science and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to provide products to the pharma and OTC industries.


EnDev, the research division of Ei, is creating the “what’s next†in the world of therapeutic skin care and prescription dermatological products., EnDev clinically tests and perfects formulas for pharmaceutical and OTC application.