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Byrne Protection, LLC.

Byrne Protection's executive management team is the cornerstone of our company.  With 40 years of dedicated service in law enforcement and private security, our team stands  ready to  serve your business needs. Unlike other security firms, our management team provides daily "hands on" support to ensure all aspects of our partnership are maintained.  We are available 24 hours per day, each and every day. 

We personally recruit, select, and train only those individuals who meet Byrne Protection's strict employment process.  This ensures you receive a professional, certified, highly trained security officer for your business needs.​ Our mission is to provide the finest quality security personnel and services to our clientele while at the same time, ensuring the financial and operational aspects of our partnership are always maintained. ​We are looking for security professionals who can rise to the challenge and provide the level of excellence we are committed to giving our clients.