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The Wash House

The Wash House’s top-rated customer service is quickly making it Charlotte’s most popular dry cleaning and laundry service provider. Wash your large comforters, linens or an entire month’s worth of laundry at The Wash House or never step foot inside the store; it doesn’t matter! The Wash House will serve you the way YOU want to be served.

Headquartered in Dilworth, The Wash House provides Dry Cleaning, Wash & Fold and Coin Wash services to the residents and businesses of Charlotte. This local startup is reinventing the way people think about laundry; making it more fun, more practical and more convenient, which is the case with WashOnDemand; the viral door-to-door laundry and dry cleaning service that’s sweeping Charlotte by storm. Simply text YES to (704) 448-3698 and The Wash House will pick up and deliver your laundry and dry cleaning for FREE!

Join our team for a unique opportunity to grow your career quickly!