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Market Track

For nearly four decades, Market Track has worked tirelessly to improve our clients’ strategy decisions through the use of Big Data. What began as a small start-up in Evanston, IL, manually collecting, clipping, and delivering books of competitive print feature ads to a handful of retail clients, has since evolved into a one-stop shop for competitive intelligence for not only retailers, but all advertisers.

Our mission remains the same, but our capabilities and methods have grown and diversified. It is our point-of-view that without a complete view of the competitive landscape, advertisers will struggle to optimize their marketing and pricing strategies. We provide our clients that visibility, capturing all advertising, promotions, and pricing that influence where consumers shop and what they buy.

This all sounds good, but is Market Track simply another service provider adding to the mountain of data advertisers have today? No. Not on our watch.

More important than our rich data is our client engagement model, which prioritizes insight discovery and problem solving. Your business problems are our business problems. Our team, which has over a thousand years of combined experience in competitive analysis, is committed FIRST to learning about your business and how you want to improve, and then leveraging our comprehensive data to attack those goals.