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Republic Parking Northwest

Republic Parking is operating experience has expanded through the years as a direct result of our ability to satisfy the transportation management related needs of our clients and their customers.
Republic Parking is a full service transportation management firm. We have served our clients honestly and professionally since 1966. Republic Parking has over 562 operating contracts, totaling an excess of 180,000 parking spaces under management. We are an international company, with operations in the United States, Central and South America. 
From humble beginnings, today, Republic Parking employs over 2,300 professionals in 88 US cities and has seen revenues increase to over $365 million. 
We have earned the reputation of being an uncommonly good at what we do.

We have established a solid foundation of airport, retail, office, hospital, hotel, valet and special event operating contracts. Our services also include specialized shuttle bus, taxi starter, park and ride and traffic management organization programs. This foundation ensures that Republic Parking will remain at the forefront of the transportation management industry.