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Tom's Truck Center

There are plenty of dealerships out there willing to sell or service trucks, but how much do you really know about them? For example, do you know if they’re family-owned or corporate-owned? Tom's Truck Center is family owned which means you’re going to get a more personalized experience.

How long have they been in business? Tom's Truck Center was established in 1949 and was purchased by the Heidler family in 1974. We’re here for you today, and we’ll be here for you tomorrow.

How good are they? Tom's Truck Center has won the prestigious Isuzu Ichiban (number one in Japanese) award every year since 1996 and is the only dealership to have ever done that. Being good at what we do isn’t an accident; we work very hard to deliver you an excellent experience every time.

Our mission statement will tell you who we are: Tom's Truck Center is successful because our people are driven to offer our customers the very best products and services to meet their unique business goals.

Thank you for considering Tom's Truck Center!