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Reborn Cabinets, Inc

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide The Ultimate Remodeling Experience® for our clients with quality and service unparalleled by any other remodeling company.

Our Core Values

Team Reborn is held to the highest standard in the remodeling industry. We live by ten (10) core values that make up our promise to provide The Ultimate Remodeling Experience®.

  • Build a Winning Team – Team Reborn will be built on the foundation of Respect, Christian principles and Family Values. This will be the underlying tone throughout the entire organization. We will not discriminate because of individual beliefs but will be accepting of each person for whom they are and what they have to offer the team.
  • Have the Ultimate Working Environment – This will be evident through the cleanliness of our facilities, commitment to safety and dedication to the furthering of our team members’ education.
  • We Care – From the initial contact through the completion of their project; our clients will experience an attitude of genuine caring and interest in their needs.
  • The “Vinny” Principle – Treat each client’s home with the respect we would if it were our own.
  • Do What You Say You Will – Our team’s commitment to this goal will be apparent in our promptness, cleanliness, and professionalism.
  • Take Ultimate Project Ownership – Each member of our team will enthusiastically take individual ownership of each project. Listening to our clients’ concerns and address them promptly.
  • Build It Better – Continuous Improvement will be vital to the success and the future of Team Reborn. Team members will evaluate and refine their process daily.
  • Always Be Consistent – To reproduce consistent results each and every time, our processes will be meticulously defined and documented.
  • Schedule It Right – Our projects will be systematically scheduled from start to finish.
  • Make a Lasting Positive Impression – From the initial contact, during the visit to our Design Center, and throughout the completion of the project, our customers will remember us as providing The Ultimate Remodeling Experience®