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NSI Lab Solutions

We were founded in 1982 to operate reference materials program for the USEPA, and today, we continue to manufacture and certify reference materials, reagents and proficiency testing samples for applications ranging from classical water chemistry and microbiology to solid and hazardous waste analysis.


• We maintain an ISO9001:2000 registration of our quality system, an ANAB Accreditation of our Proficiency Testing Program, which covers non-NELAC analytes and schemes, under certificate number AP-1693 and operate our quality control testing laboratory in compliance with ISO17025. These accreditations are your assurance that we operate our business in a manner meeting international quality standards including ISO-9001:2000, ISO-34, ISO-35, ISO-43-1,2, ILAC G13:2007 and ISO-17025.

• Our in house inventory of more than 2500 neat chemicals allows us to formulate numerous and varied products to meet testing requirements in many industries. And because these materials are maintained on-hand, we can meet your needs fast.

• NSI chemists operate a well capitalized analytical laboratory equipped with redundant systems in GC, GCMS, HPLC, ICP, IC and UV/Visible Spectroscopy. Analytical documentation of product quality can be generated rapidly in a defensible manner.