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Modern parents with teenagers are in trouble! “Busy” is a common condition and there’s only 24 hours in a day. Carpools, traffic, competing schedules, unforeseen events — these are realities that
drain valuable hours from our day and create anxiety that we carry with us.

At Autter, we have evolved rideshare to meet the safety and time demands of teenagers and their parents. By taking over carpool, parents are able to use their time as they need to and teens have more freedom to be all of the places that they need to be.

Our drivers are critical to Autter's success and we treat them accordingly. We pay significantly more than other rideshare companies, drivers pick their hours and the areas of town they want to drive in and are able to feel safe both with the clientele and knowing that we've got their back!

We create opportunities for teens, parents and drivers to achieve their goals with peace of mind and without sacrifice.