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JOB TITLE: Shipping & Receiving/Warehouse Rigger


STATUS: Full Time

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 2018



Executes the many different fabrication techniques used by SWOS to produce finished products for clients.  Activities can be performed individually as well as on a team.  These activities are most often considered skilled, require training and routine engagement to maintain a solid aptitude of techniques in order to produce a consistent product that meets SWOS’s quality standard. Pulls and replaces inventory, packages items for shipment, organizes and executes multiple methods for the distribution of SWOS goods while maintaining a safe and orderly workspace. Drives SWOS vehicles over established routes to pick up and/or deliver products, or render services as required by SWOS clients. 


Responsibilities shall include but not limited to:

  • Compares identifying information such as counts, weighs, or measures of incoming and outgoing shipments to verify information against bills of lading, invoices, orders, or other records.
  • Packages items in containers, boxes or reels.
  • Affixes shipping labels on packed cartons or stencils identifying shipping information on cartons.
  • Assembles wooden or cardboard containers or selects preassembled containers.
  • Unpacks and examines incoming shipments for accuracy.
  • Rejects and/or records damaged items, shortages, and corresponds with shipper and/or inside sales to rectify nonconforming materials.
  • Routes materials to departments or inventory.
  • Organizes and examines outbound shipments to ensure shipments meet specifications.
  • Operates forklift in a safe manner.
  • Coordinates with production team, inside sales, and Operations Manager to prioritize daily activities.
  • Drives truck to deliver products to places of business or vessels.
  • Records customer feedback or requests.
  • Documents delivery/pickup confirmation.
  • Pulls inventory to fill orders.
  • Prepares/packages orders for delivery.
  • Informs regular customers of new products or services.
  • Listens to service complaints.
  • Receives inbound materials into SWOS systems.
  • Sorts and distributes inbound products into inventory.
  • Loads truck and secures cargo for transport.
  • Performs routine maintenance on truck.
  • Schedules mechanics when required.
  • Maintains a clean functional vehicle and work area.
  • Understand and abide by SWOS’s inventory system.
  • Ability to fabricate rope assembly; routinely includes splicing, coating, and testing of products
  • Calculate cut lengths required to obtain proper finished products.
  • Fabricate rope with various methods of chaff protection
  • Operate equipment such winches and test frames
  • Field support such as splicing & inspection of products.
  • Execute online inspection forms and templates
  • Review production schedule with Operations Manager to prioritize work.
  • Reviews testing procedures for practicality
  • Recruits personnel to perform supporting testing/fabrication assignments
  • Demonstrates safe rigging practices.
  • Distributes documentation/data associated with fabrication.
  • Maintain a clean & orderly work environment.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly preventive maintenance on tooling



  1. Education

High School (Preferred)

  1. Experience

Experienced with working in an industrial warehouse setting, along with shipping and receiving knowledge. Experience driving a flatbed and interacting with customers is a plus.

  1. Required knowledge, skills, and abilities

Basic knowledge of shipping and receiving is required. Must be able to operate a forklift and pallet jack. Can lift a minimum of 50 lbs. Basic math skills and the ability to follow written procedures is required. Self-motivated and able to complete scheduled task alone, but also able to work as a team when necessary. Must hold a valid Driver’s License, and either hold or have the ability to obtain a TWIC.     

  1. Working Environment/conditions

Monday to Friday is a typical work week, with weekends required occasionally. Warehouse setting mixed in with driving in and around the greater Houston area. This position will be required to work within multiple departments including shipping & receiving, fabrication, testing, and coating.