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Killroy Pest

Killroy Pest Control is a family-run business serving the Bay Area since 1956. They provide effective pest control remedies that can best meet your unique concerns and needs.
Killroy's specialty division, Sensitive Solutions, is the original Bay Area provider of organic/natural options for solving pest problems. Killroy can help you whether you are looking for the latest in traditional pest services or green solutions.

Killroy is prepared to handle emergency infestations and other one-time problems you may face. But, just as important, is to realize that controlling pests is a quality-of-life issue. You have worked hard to make your house and yard into a home. You should not have to share it with unwanted pests. Killroy has maintenance programs to help ensure that unwanted pests do not ruin the peaceful environment that you have created for your family.

The helpful and friendly office staff is there to help you solve your problems and improve your home environment.