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SOS Security


SOS Security is a leading provider of security personnel and related services, helping a broad range of clients in the corporate, government and high net worth sectors to protect their people, assets and reputations.

Now the fourth largest security personnel company in the U.S., SOS Security’s growth is driven by our ongoing dedication to meet our clients’ evolving security requirements. As these needs have expanded and changed, so has the scope and character of our growing portfolio of security solutions – both through controlled organic growth and carefully executed strategic acquisitions.

A boutique company that operates at scale

As we’ve increased the scale and scope of our activities, we’ve chosen to stay true to the values we embraced as a startup back in 1969. These values have served our clients and our employees well, and they still define who we are, what we do, and how we make a difference. Even as we grow, they continue to inform our boutique approach to security:

  • Pursuit of excellence: In an industry without universally accepted quality standards, we will stand out for our quality. We will create our own quality policy, based on our own standards of security program excellence, client satisfaction and achievement of the goals we set for ourselves together with our partner clients. We will pursue security quality relentlessly.
  • The right people at the right price: We add value by providing the best possible people at the best possible price. We will train our people. We will provide our people with career paths. We will re-invest a significant portion of our profits back into all levels of our organization, so that we create a passionate team dedicated to our clients’ and our own success. We will integrate the best people with the best procedures and the best technology to provide security programs that balance outstanding quality with competitive total costs of security program ownership.
  • Partnership: We treat our clients as partners. We will understand the threats and vulnerabilities facing our clients and design customized, cost-effective risk mitigation programs accordingly. We will learn and grow with our clients by maintaining regular and transparent communication about all key program aspects. When our clients face new security challenges, we will acquire and deploy new security expertise, set up operations in new places, and add new people who can best meet their security needs.

Local presence, worldwide reach

SOS Security started out by serving clients in the greater New York City metropolitan area. From these local beginnings, we’ve followed our clients all over the U.S. and the world.

SOS Security currently maintains approximately 70 offices in major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. Backed by strong central and regional management teams, these local offices are essential in fulfilling our commitment to regular and transparent communication with our partners and employing the best people at the best possible price.

As our clients’ businesses and security needs have grown internationally, so has our worldwide reach, with offices and activities in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. In 2016, SOS Security and its subsidiaries carried out security work in more than 80 countries