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Venergy Group LLC


Be the best in the eyes of our customers, employees, and board of directors.


To be the global leader building a unique portfolio with veteran entrepreneurs by delivering the highest value to our customers, suppliers, employees mentors and Board of Directors as the premier performance leader in all aspects of construction and energy.  Enabling Success From The Center of Technology.


At Venergy, we will give you the benefit of our honest opinions and efforts. Honor, Duty, Integrity are the cornerstone ideals of our company, framing our decisions at every level. Venergy emphasizes providing reliable, turn-key solutions to each and every client. We specialize in assisting the federal government and private companies achieve their mandated goals and understanding the values and mission of each individual company and federal agency.
Over the last few years the federal government has mandated reductions in energy consumption footprints for both the Department of Defense and civilian agencies:
Presidential Executive Order 13423 mandates that all Federal Agencies reduce energy use by 3% annually and 30% by the end of fiscal year 2015 (based on a fiscal year 2003 baseline).
Presidential Executive Order 13514 requires the establishment of high performance sustainability standards for all federal agencies.
The Energy Independence and Security Act 2007 requires total energy use in federal buildings be reduced 30% by 2015. For new federal buildings and those with major renovations, the requirement is to eliminate fossil fuel use (100% reduction) by 2030.
The National Defense Authorization Act for 2010 requires that 25% of all energy used be from renewable sources, starting in fiscal year 2025.


  1. Savings on average of 6-8% on electrical costs
  2. Commercial grade and UL listed products
  3. Firm fixed-price proposal after our electric energy audit
  4. Product neutrality—we are a service provider, not a product vendor—no obligations to any manufacturer. We will find the best and most cost-effective technology for your business
  5. Established strategic alliances with firms delivering exceptional services of energy modeling, sealed engineering designs, energy audits, LED lighting solutions, HVAC, renewable energy and more
  6. Commercial warranties of 5 years for Venergy products
  7. Return On Investment (ROI) in 24-36 months
  8. One point of contact for the entire project—we take responsibility for every aspect of our services
  9. Proven track record of performing on schedule as proposed

Flexible and no capital investment financing—we will help you obtain the best for your project and your budget. We have several options available, allowing you to make the improvements with no capital investment required and have your investment paid for by the savings in energy costs