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LAZ Parking

LAZ Parking’s corporate culture drives our employee-focused and customer service philosophy and differentiates us from other parking companies. We often say, "It's not what we do, it's how we do it." To spread the word on who we are and what is important to us, we have developed The LAZ Way and the MVP Program: Mission, Values and Practices.

LAZ Parking’s continued growth, success and service to our clients are the result of living this Mission.

Our company mission:

“Create opportunities for our employees and value for our clients.”

Create Opportunities for Employees: It's one thing to give people a job. It's another to focus on creating opportunities for personal growth once people are hired. LAZ Parking is extremely proud of our employees and their commitment to the company. All of our founders and partners have spent their entire careers working and growing from within the LAZ family.

Create Value for Our Clients: We believe in nurturing long-term relationship based on building trust and creating value for our clients and customers. Our formula is simple: Step into the shoes of our clients and protect their best interests. Everything good flows out of that philosophy.