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Militia Protection


To empower people with the knowledge and ability to properly protect​ what matters most in life without sacrificing ethics​, integrity​ or customer service​.

Veteran founded & operated, Militia Protection offers Home Security & Life Safety Systems customized to fit every family or businesses security needs. Militia Protection’s goal and vision is to revitalize the home security industry with leading by example and setting the standard for what home security is truly supposed to be about, PROTECTING THE PEOPLE. 

  • Incorporating the military’s advanced perimeter defense training into the home security industry, our home security specialists have superior training to be able to customize all security & video surveillance designs to properly protect every situation.

  • In 1774 the U.S. Military’s Militia was founded by the people to protect the people, during GREAT times of duress. In the home security industry, the lack of ethics and integrity has caused a GREAT concern for the people’s protection. Militia Protection has been called to service, to give the power & ability to PROPERLY PROTECT what matters most in life, back to THE PEOPLE.