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Our company sells an Entertainment Groundrigging101 Training aid tool that will help Veterans who qualify to do this kind of work find jobs that pays great in 30 to 60 days guaranteed. 

This type of work consist of a lot of climbing 50 to 300 feet in the air pulling up and securing wirerope around steel beams in buildings ceilings which means you must not be afraid of heights.

The product is a twin DVD which consist of 2 hours of information on strictly Entertainment Ground Rigging. This is the very first step in becoming an Entertainment rigger.

Starting pay for an Entertainment rigger on average is $25.00 or more per hour. Average rigger earns $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 per year part time.

Cost of training dvds $300.00 which is what a rigger earns in one day when being booked for a day rate call. $300.00 is minimum day rate for Entertainment riggers.

Products ships in 2-3 business days of order placed and free shipping in USA.