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Witt O'Brien's

From natural disasters to reputation scandals, our experts understand how a crisis can rock even the steadiest of organizations. Managed well, a crisis provides the opportunity to show great leadership, but managed poorly, it can mean the end.

Our experienced experts have helped hundreds of companies prepare for and respond to crises of all kinds. One size does not fit all, and neither should your company’s crisis management plan. You can benefit from our vast experience.

Witt O’Brien’s will work with your organization to develop and document a crisis management strategy that outlines the principles, process and organization. The crisis management plan will address the guiding mission as well as defining the connection between key disciplines and corporate levels. Witt O’Brien’s will also help you communicate the strategy, expectations and responsibilities throughout your organization.

As a Witt O’Brien’s client, your organization will have access to immediate consultation to help your team respond to a crisis. Our top-tier strategists will be available by phone, and on-site if necessary to work with your team and execute your plan.