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Marek Sawing and Drilling, LLC & Marek Mobile Ready Mix, LLC

As one of the leading concrete sawing and drilling companies in Houston...

...Marek Sawing and Drilling is known for making the impossible possible. Our company is distinguished from other concrete cutters by the challenging nature of our work, our exceptional safety record, and our remarkably reliable and accommodating service. In order to extend our leadership in controlled demolition services, we, the Marek team, pledge to:

  • Anticipate each client's needs and meet them with exceptional service;
  • Develop innovative, practical solutions to difficult demolition problems;
  • Drive the vanguard of controlled demolition solutions by tackling demanding projects that intimidate other firms;
  • Perform in a consistently safe, efficient, professional manner; and
  • Build long-term client relationships based on trust, performance and value.

As the underlying ethos of Marek Sawing and Drilling, LLC, this mission is the guiding force behind each client engagement, and it is the reason for our continual strength and reputation for excellence in concrete cutting and breaking. Contact Marek Sawing and Drilling, LLC today to learn more about our dedicated team of concrete cutting and coring experts.