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S&C Electric Company

Our Company: 

S&C specializes in the switching, protection, and control of electric power systems. Our solutions are an essential part of the electrical grid that brings power to homes and businesses. This started with a single product in 1909, the Liquid Power Fuse, which was the first reliable power fuse able to protect against the high currents in distribution substations. Its invention helped pioneer the widespread adoption and spread of electricity. 

Today, we are applying our century-long heritage of innovation to address the challenges facing the power grid. We push the boundaries of reliability by reducing the duration of power outages from hours to seconds — or to no outage at all. We are designing systems to withstand the impacts of time and nature to help keep the lights on for customers during major storms. We’ve integrated enough grid-scale energy storage to drive an electric car to the moon and back — twice! 

As a team member of S&C Electric Company, you are helping keep the lights on for billions of people around the world.

Diversity: https://www.sandc.com/en/careers/diversity/ 

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