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Omni Ecosystems

Omni Ecosystems® creates sustainable green infrastructure by inventing, designing, supplying, constructing, and maintaining working landscapes. Working landscapes work, and work for you by providing environmental, social, and financial benefits beyond a typical landscape.

Working landscapes provide natural beauty and can stack functions, such as managing stormwater, growing crops, creating habitats, and serving as engaging spaces for people.

We believe that integrating natural and dynamic landscapes into the places we live and work is a fundamental building block of resilient cities and of healthier and happier humans.

By infusing nature into our daily lives, Omni Ecosystems brings balance to the built environment, and nurtures a meaningful re-connection with nature.

Omni Ecosystems encompasses five disciplines: Omni Innovation, Omni Products, Omni Workshop, Omni Construction and Omni Stewardship.

Our team includes experts in microbiology, ecology, landscape architecture, architecture, horticulture, green infrastructure, logistics, and construction. Teaming across disciplines, Omni provides solutions for ecosystem design, implementation and management.