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Your Secret Wishes LLC

You feel fascinated doing what you do.  That passion drives you to keep your business solution alive!  How wonderful is that?

Your enthusiasm shows up everywhere, including your website's marketing message. Feeling good about what you do is terrific.  However, it may not t attract many customers. Why? Your customers are focused on the things that fascinate THEM.

They focus on how they can live their dreams, achieve their goals, solve their problems.  When YOU concentrate on what potential customers focus on, you suddenly fascinate them. This fascination turns into sales for you.

Check out what I'm saying here.

Suppose you sell homemade pickles. You LOVE those pickles. On your website copy, you talk about how you first got started loving pickles. Additionally, you go on (ad nauseam) about how you make them, that your Great Dane loves them and so does the postal carrier. 

Unfortunately, potential customers don't really care about you talking about what interests you.  They want you to talk about what interests THEM!

What do your customers want?  In our pickle story example, your marketing message MUST convey how your potential pickle customers will live their dreams with them. Some of those dreams might be to impress their friends, family, boss, etc with them! Perhaps they want your pickles because they are natural and the largest percentage of your customers are health conscious.  Whatever it is, when you talk about what interests them, THAT'S how you attract customers.

As a lead generation coach, neuromarketer and copywriter, I help my clients create marketing messages from the viewpoint of their market segment.  This not only gets them website traffic, that traffic converts into sales.

If you would like me to look at your website copy for FREE, I can suggest how to attract customers so those visits turn into sales.  Whenever you're ready, let's talk pickle sales!

Email me for your FREE website marketing message review at yoursecretwishes@gmail.com.  I'm a USAF veteran.  I LOVE working with other veterans.