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Dovetail Custom Wood & Metal

Dovetail Custom Wood & Metal was founded with one goal in mind: to improve architectural fabrication. From sourcing the best materials to overseeing all steps in production, Dovetail is committed to providing the best services and products.

Dovetail’s history resides in its founder, Isaac Alexander. Since 1994, Isaac has been refining his woodworking skills. What began as a simple interest in home-crafts and small home projects quickly expanded into a deep appreciation for fine craftsmanship and large-scale projects.  Inspired to make his impact, Isaac founded Dovetail in 2014 to bring his vision to life.  Dovetail has since become one of the largest commercial woodshops in Central Texas. Today, Dovetail offers a vast range of services extending quite literally from floor to ceiling.

What sets Dovetail apart is not only our dedication to our product but also our committed team. Every member takes pride in their work, and we hand select all members to ensure that Dovetail captures the desires of our clients and produces the perfect, beautifully crafted product.

Here at Dovetail, we look forward to working together!